Great news for NFT fans! SimpleSwap and DrakonsIO have created unique NFT Water Drakons and you can get one of them.

How to join our GIVEAWAY:

  1. Follow @SimpleSwap_io and @DrakonsIO on Twitter
  2. Like & Retweet this post
  3. Comment on what you would like to turn into an NFT (the art piece, song, etc.)
  4. Wait for the result announcement on our Twitter page on August 18!

On August 18 we’ll choose 3 winners who will get our limited edition Drakons:

  • The first Drakon will go to the winner selected by our community. We will choose the most liked comment.
  • The second Drakon will go to the…

Ole ole ole! The UEFA Euro 2020 Final is coming and SimpleSwap has prepared a football GIVEAWAY for its customers.

The reward is $100 in Chiliz (CHZ). This cryptocurrency for sports and entertainment powers where a great number of football fan tokens is represented.

How to join our GIVEAWAY:

  1. Follow @SimpleSwap_io on Twitter
  2. Like & Retweet this post
  3. Mention in comments the football team you would like to win
  4. Wait for the results announcement on our Twitter page on July 12!

When The 2020 UEFA European Championship is over on July 12 we’ll randomly choose a winner who’ll get…

UEFA EURO 2020 is in full swing, so in this article we would like to remind you of football Fan Tokens. These digital assets are a great example of how The Crypto World meets one of the most popular sport games. Tokens provide fans and organizations with a voting right and opportunity to participate in the decision-making process, as well as earn unique club-specific rewards and experiences.

Let’s start with Chiliz (CHZ) here as it is the famous cryptocurrency for sports and entertainment that powers This is the world’s first blockchain-based fan engagement and rewards platform. Chiliz created this…

2021 is full of surprises. The Crypto World showed that it has a unique capacity to unite people around new projects even though they do not have an obvious practical use. There are three examples that definitely have a right to catch your attention as they are the cutest tokens ever.


Just recently the SHIBA INU token was listed on Binance. SHIBA INU (SHIB) describes itself as an experiment in “spontaneous community building”.
SHIBA INU is planning to follow the Dogecoin footsteps. This project also uses a picture of a worldwide loved dog as its main image and grew from a…

Dear customers of the SimpleSwap service, there is great news for you! We would like to announce that our Loyalty Program is upgraded now.

We are thankful that you share our devotion to the Crypto World and fast crypto exchanges, and want to encourage your trust in SimpleSwap with a BTC cashback.

How it works

  1. Сreate a Customer Account
  2. Activate our Loyalty Program in the “Subscription” tab
  3. Swap crypto on
  4. Receive 0.5% cashback in SWAP for every finished exchange (but not more than 30,000 SWAP per month)
  5. Get enough SWAP and pay for a Bitcoin cashback subscription with it
  6. Receive cashback in…

The Easter Bunny has hidden 11eggs with SWAP, DOCK, XVG, NULS, SAND, QTUM, SKY, NEBL, ZIL, SYS, GO all around the SimpleSwap website. Be the first to find it and get a reward!

How to take part in the Easter Hunting Game

  1. Starting at 9 a.m. UTC on April 4th, go to explore
  2. Find the Egg and save the picture hidden inside
  3. Post it to your Twitter profile and add the hashtag from this picture
  4. Follow & tag in the post @SimpleSwap_io and our coin partners (the one that you found in the egg) @docknetwork, @vergecurrency, @Nuls, @TheSandboxGame, @qtum, @SkycoinProject, @NeblioTeam, @zilliqa, @syscoin, @go_chain
  5. Wait for the results…

We know that Asia is a big player in the Crypto World. However, when we meet new crypto projects we rarely think of where they came from. Today we invite you to look at some well-known and promising Asian cryptocurrencies.


Neo is an open-sourced platform for a smart economy. It was founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. The idea of this project is to implement blockchain and smart contracts to make the “smart economy” possible. This network operates on PoS dBFT. The total amount of tokens created is 100 million. 50 million was sold to investors, 50…

Financial authorities in a range of countries have already appreciated the benefits of digital currency. This is the speed and security of transactions, the ability to make micropayments and simple accounting of all transactions with money. Digital currency can be used to reduce government debt, avoid sanctions, reduce losses from currency conversion in international trade. Payments in digital currency will help reduce corruption, as transactions are completely transparent. At the same time, the costs of operations with banknotes and coins are increasing. These are the conditions for the birth of a new e-currency, which will be issued and put into…

Nowadays, there is no secret that cryptocurrencies are already actively recognized by society and used for the purchase of services and goods. At the moment, the scope of crypto assets applications is expanding. Commercial and even some government entities have begun to use both blockchain technology and cryptocurrency donations. On donation platforms, people may often notice that along with the usual methods of collecting money (a request to provide details of credit cards), they can find details of crypto wallets.

Charity organizations are often unable to accept endowments from other countries. The cryptocurrency allows receiving donations from all over the…

The Crypto World is full of surprises. Each day brings new ideas. Some of them become reality and stay, others disappear. In 2020 the phenomenon that is being mentioned more and more often is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Let’s take a closer look at them.

What are non-fungible tokens?

A non-fungible token is a kind of digital asset that has a number of special features. The main difference between familiar cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens is that crypto tokens are the same, while each NFT is unique. “Non-fungible” means that these tokens cannot be substituted by one another, they are not interchangeable. …

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