2021 is full of surprises. The Crypto World showed that it has a unique capacity to unite people around new projects even though they do not have an obvious practical use. There are three examples that definitely have a right to catch your attention as they are the cutest tokens ever.


Just recently the SHIBA INU token was listed on Binance. SHIBA INU (SHIB) describes itself as an experiment in “spontaneous community building”.
SHIBA INU is planning to follow the Dogecoin footsteps. This project also uses a picture of a worldwide loved dog as its main image and grew from a…

Dear customers of the SimpleSwap service, there is great news for you! We would like to announce that our Loyalty Program is upgraded now.

We are thankful that you share our devotion to the Crypto World and fast crypto exchanges, and want to encourage your trust in SimpleSwap with a BTC cashback.

How it works

  1. Сreate a Customer Account
  2. Activate our Loyalty Program in the “Subscription” tab
  3. Swap crypto on simpleswap.io
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  5. Get enough SWAP and pay for a Bitcoin cashback subscription with it
  6. Receive cashback in…

The Easter Bunny has hidden 11eggs with SWAP, DOCK, XVG, NULS, SAND, QTUM, SKY, NEBL, ZIL, SYS, GO all around the SimpleSwap website. Be the first to find it and get a reward!

How to take part in the Easter Hunting Game

  1. Starting at 9 a.m. UTC on April 4th, go to explore https://simpleswap.io/
  2. Find the Egg and save the picture hidden inside
  3. Post it to your Twitter profile and add the hashtag from this picture
  4. Follow & tag in the post @SimpleSwap_io and our coin partners (the one that you found in the egg) @docknetwork, @vergecurrency, @Nuls, @TheSandboxGame, @qtum, @SkycoinProject, @NeblioTeam, @zilliqa, @syscoin, @go_chain
  5. Wait for the results…

Financial authorities in a range of countries have already appreciated the benefits of digital currency. This is the speed and security of transactions, the ability to make micropayments and simple accounting of all transactions with money. Digital currency can be used to reduce government debt, avoid sanctions, reduce losses from currency conversion in international trade. Payments in digital currency will help reduce corruption, as transactions are completely transparent. At the same time, the costs of operations with banknotes and coins are increasing. These are the conditions for the birth of a new e-currency, which will be issued and put into…

Nowadays, there is no secret that cryptocurrencies are already actively recognized by society and used for the purchase of services and goods. At the moment, the scope of crypto assets applications is expanding. Commercial and even some government entities have begun to use both blockchain technology and cryptocurrency donations. On donation platforms, people may often notice that along with the usual methods of collecting money (a request to provide details of credit cards), they can find details of crypto wallets.

Charity organizations are often unable to accept endowments from other countries. The cryptocurrency allows receiving donations from all over the…

The Crypto World is full of surprises. Each day brings new ideas. Some of them become reality and stay, others disappear. In 2020 the phenomenon that is being mentioned more and more often is non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Let’s take a closer look at them.

What are non-fungible tokens?

A non-fungible token is a kind of digital asset that has a number of special features. The main difference between familiar cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens is that crypto tokens are the same, while each NFT is unique. “Non-fungible” means that these tokens cannot be substituted by one another, they are not interchangeable. …

Read the article to find out about the pre-Bitcoin times

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Even though we usually assume that crypto has started with Bitcoin, there were other predecessors that helped BTC to appear. The history of cryptocurrency says that the first attempts to create crypto were made 20 years before Bitcoin, let’s find it out!

Gas stations in the Netherlands

The first alternative means of payment appeared as an attempt to solve the problem of nighttime thefts on gas stations in the Netherlands. Developers offered to avoid paying with cash by linking money to smartcards that were created especially for these stations and their customers. …

Dear readers, you have probably heard about such a thing as an ERC-20 token. What is this? A unique kind of cryptocurrency? A type of token or something else? Let’s get this over!

ERC-20 tokens explained

Tokens are digital assets or blockchain-based programs. Mostly they are so-called “smart contracts”, which in the case of ERC-20 tokens are executed on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is important to understand that ERC-20 tokens are located in the Ethereum blockchain, they are not detached coins and completely depend on Ethereum technology. ERC-20 is a standard protocol that defines the properties and functionality of the Ethereum blockchain token…

The word “Blockchain” is very popular nowadays, especially among those who actively use the Internet. Blockchain is a way to store and transfer data without intermediaries and without problems that arise when handling money, documents, and information. In this case, the information is not stored somewhere in one place but is distributed across all computers connected to the network. Let’s say that the blockchain in its scale, innovation, and technology can be compared with the advent of the Internet or mobile devices. So many people believe that this is the technology of the future. Nowadays the blockchain is used not…

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are used in a wide range of applications: in finance, banking industry, to verify the identity of data and documents. In addition, it should be mentioned that these technologies have the potential to completely change the way we are used to gaming:

  • Now it is possible to use the same skins and items in different games, which turns digital assets into real value.
  • A specialized marketplace for selling, buying, and exchanging such digital assets on blockchain appears.
  • The cryptographic data protection technology used in cryptoensures the integrity and security of gaming objects, while at the same…


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