Airdrop Hunters: How Much Work is Behind the “Easy Money”?
4 min readOct 2, 2023

The launch of a new crypto project is often accompanied by an airdrop — a free distribution of tokens. It helps stir up interest in a startup and find potential investors.

Due to such distributions, lovers of quick money appeared in the Crypto World known as airdrop hunters. We will find out in this new article, who they are and how much they earn by hunting tokens.

How to become an airdrop hunter?

When airdrops were just appearing on the crypto market, almost all users could take part in them. It was a good way to attract many new participants who helped to advertise a project. Now, when the market for crypto developments has expanded and competition has increased, crypto entrepreneurs have to come up with new ways to promote. Distributing new tokens to everyone is no longer profitable, that’s why rather strict requirements were set for airdrop hunters.

This change has also affected the value of a new token. It increases in the eyes of potential investors and crypto enthusiasts, since now you have to compete for the right to participate in the airdrop. So what does a hunter need to do to succeed in his mission?

  • Lead an active crypto life on the exchange. The number of transactions carried out over a certain period, the number of smart contracts used, and the number of NFTs will be taken into account.
  • Keep a competitive amount on your account. The more funds are there, the greater the chance to pass hunter selection and win new tokens.
  • Participate in DAO voting as often as possible.
  • Be subscribed to the project on social networks. If a hunter was one of the first to join the project, it might give him some “points” too.

If the user shows himself as an active member of the crypto community, this means he might be useful in promoting a new product. And vice versa: if his presence on the exchange is just formal, then serious airdrops are not for him yet.

How much do airdrop hunters earn?

You might think that hunters are lucky people who earn fortunes without spending much energy and time on it. On the one hand, this is true — for a couple of successful airdrops (for example, the recent Arbitum airdrop) you can receive impressive amounts of funds. But do not think that everything always turns out so easily.

Professional airdrop hunters create several accounts and constantly monitor new projects. This process is carried out day and night. Also, now they are required to interact directly with the new platform that will implement the distribution. So, in reality “lovers of quick profit” process a huge amount of information every day. And only a successful airdrop will be able to cover all this hard work.

Fortunately, services have already been developed specifically for airdrop hunters that automatically track potentially profitable drops. Let’s see what platforms are out there.

Where and how to track airdrops?

  • Alpha Drops

There the information about new crypto projects can be found. Not all of them plan to distribute tokens (on average, only 10–15% of startups conduct airdrops), but the airdrop hunter still needs to monitor them.

In the airdrops section you can see a list of projects that are still at an early stage of development. They have not yet released their native tokens, but are already looking for support in the big world.

  • DappRadar

The DappRadar also has the airdrops section, where all the relevant information on the nearest active and potential airdrops is collected. The list includes existing projects with token distributions that you can still join, as well as already announced airdrops. You can also participate in a news subscription, in which case announcements of new airdrops will be sent to the email.


The service provides up-to-date information about new crypto projects, as well as about airdrops. It also presents data and results of DAO voting of various ecosystems. The Learn section provides a selection of airdrop strategies, analytics and tutorials for those who want to dive deeper and start earning.

  • Airdrops Alert

This platform is useful not only for the selection and tracking, but also for the classification of airdrops. Here a hunter will find all the information about past airdrops, upcoming giveaways, and can also choose the new project he is most interested in — De-Fi, NFT and others.

Final thoughts

In general, professional airdrop hunters are the same full-fledged entrepreneurs in the Crypto World. They do a hard job on a daily basis, knowing all the risks — not every airdrop guarantees a profit. While hunting for the “big fish”, users have to study the entire system of crypto projects, strategies and entrepreneurship.

So, if you really want to participate in such an adventure, remember that it’s not easy. Airdrop hunting requires time and energy in order to get a reward.

Have you ever participated in airdrop? Share your experience in the comments.

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