Cryptocurrency affiliate programs

An affiliate program is a program that is conducted by a service to attract partners of crypto exchanges, ICO, cloud minings, free crypto-lotteries and so on. The Affiliate program provides high incomes for partners because more and more people take interest in cryptocurrency, buy, mine and sell it. It is a popular and high-margin method of getting cryptocurrency in an easy way. You just need to attract people to different projects which will pay for the conversion of targeted traffic.

The principle of its operation is quite simple. Advertisers and webmasters (bloggers and other Internet advertising engines) find each other. Affiliate programs offer different variants of an ad campaign with CPA-network which you can choose, taking into account the working conditions and the remuneration model.

The mechanics of cryptocurrency affiliate programs are the same as in other areas. The most advantageous programs are offered by crypto exchanges, investment and ICO projects.

If you would like to choose this method of getting income as the main one, you need to approach the issue with all seriousness.

There is a checklist prepared for you:

  • Reviews of real users. Nowadays it is necessary to find reviews because there are so many fraudulent services that do not make payments, can ban you without any reason, or just close down very quickly.

Now, let’s discuss the main thing — how you can promote the affiliate link, start directing traffic on it and get your profit. There are several ways to do it:

  • Advertising in social networks;

There is a great variety of affiliate programs, and we would like to tell you about ours. The SimpleSwap Affiliate Program is a feature for our partners and you can easily become one of them. The program provides you with a unique opportunity to earn up to 90% revenue share for each exchange made via SimpleSwap.
We offer several ways to make a profit with us: use a referral link on your content or integrate the SimpleSwap platform on your service. We provide a convenient integration of our API and widget accompanied by our assistance.
It’s easy to become a member of the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program. All you need is:

  1. Register an affiliate account in one click;

That’s all it would take for you to receive up to 90% revenue share.
So you are always welcome to the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program.

Hope, this article was interesting for you. We wish you to have success in this area!

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SimpleSwap is an instant easy-to-use crypto exchange free from sign-up with over 600 cryptocurrencies to swap, buy and sell.

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SimpleSwap is an instant easy-to-use crypto exchange free from sign-up with over 600 cryptocurrencies to swap, buy and sell.