Cryptocurrency affiliate programs

  • Reviews of real users. Nowadays it is necessary to find reviews because there are so many fraudulent services that do not make payments, can ban you without any reason, or just close down very quickly.
  • Promo materials, tools, and functionality. To organize a high-quality advertising campaign, services should know statistics, have promotional materials (banners, pictures, transit pages, etc.).
  • Geofactor. According to the demand of some projects there is a need for traffic from a particular country or region only.
  • EPC (average payment for click) and CR (conversion rate). Taking into account these parameters, you can determine the potential profit from the affiliate program.
  • Limits. Some offers have limits on the number of registrations per day or month. Visitors exceeding this limit won’t be counted and traffic will be wasted.
  • Reward model. You need to consider the reward model that is used in the affiliate program. It should be optimally suited to the planned source of traffic. There are several types of remuneration:
    – Payment for each registered user;
    – % of earnings or deposit amount ;
    – The fixed amount of payments from all customers.
  • Advertising in social networks;
  • Advertising on thematic resources;
  • Promotional mailings;
  • Integration in your service, placement on your website, etc.
  1. Register an affiliate account in one click;
  2. Choose an affiliate tool which is the most suitable for you;
  3. Share an affiliate link or place a widget.



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