Ethereum price prediction 2020

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For example, one very famous analyst known in Twitter as @IamCryptoWolf recently posted the Tweet:
“I hate to say “i told you” BUT “i told you”.
I told you COVID19 would last not more than 3 months,
I told you that SPX had bottomed in the pandemic crash,
I told you BTC V-shape recover,

Pending “i told you”:
$ETH 10K target by end 2023
$ETH will outperform BTC in the next run”

Half a year ago, Tuur Demeester, who is the famous Bitcoin investor, analyst, and founding partner of Adamant Capital tweeted: “ETH/BTC broke down from the 0.02 support line for the second time this year. In absence of a quick recovery, imo technical target could be as low as 0.0075 (-60%).”

Ryan Sean Adams is a crypto investor, founder of Mythos (an investment company that holds crypto assets). Talking about DAI capitalization, he mentioned ETH capitalization and gave such a forecast about ETH price on his Twitter at the beginning of 2020: “If @nanexcool is right & 1 billion DAI happens this yr it’ll require $2.5b worth of ETH as economic bandwidth
At current ETH prices that means DAI consumes 17% of all ETH
To maintain 2% of ETH supply consumption ETH price would need to exceed $1,000
That’s economic bandwidth”

Here what did the father of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, posted on Twitter: “Price predictions on the crypto space are notorious for turning out very wrong — on both the bull *and* bear side.”



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