Halloween Monster Hunt Game

How to participate:

How to become a winner:

  • Follow all the rules and be the first to post the picture, then the NFT Monster is yours.
  • Follow all the rules and be the luckiest hunter to get the cryptocurrency in our giveaway. We’ll randomly choose 7 winners from among all the participants and reward them with coins that they found (SKY, NEBL, NULS, SAND, ALGO, UFT, or DAG).


  • 05:30 p.m. UTC — the scariest Halloween Ghost with 37 SKY is showing up
  • 03:35 p.m. UTC — the little Halloween Devil with 75 NEBL is showing up
  • 06:35 p.m. UTC — the cutest Halloween Witch with 200 NULS is showing up
  • 07:10 p.m. UTC — the ancient Halloween Mummy with 50 SAND is showing up
  • 04:10 p.m. UTC — the blood-thirsty Halloween Vampire with 50 ALGO is showing up
  • 05:05 p.m. UTC — the creepy Halloween Clown with 100 UFT is showing up
  • 02:15 p.m. UTC — Halloween Grim Reaper with 500 DAG is showing up



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