Hard forks 2020

  • A new network, that was created as a result of the hard fork, becomes more convenient and attracts the attention of new and old users. As a consequence, the maternity system stops to function due to the lack of demand and users’ support and activity.
  • The hard fork fails and the new blockchain slowly stops working. It happens because of the lack of users and miners. Meanwhile, the old network continues its work.
  • Both blockchains work alongside but don’t depend on each other. This case can take place if both new and old blockchains have strong support from the community.

Bitcoin SV

Ethereum Classic & Callisto Network

Monero & MoneroV

Hard forks 2020





  1. The transition from the PoW algorithm of BeamHash II to BeamHash III will be made. Thanks to this, the BEAM coin can be mined more efficiently on a PC, which will significantly increase the number of miners.
  2. The Lelantus protocol will be activated. This update will significantly increase the anonymity within the network.
  3. One-way payments will be supported, which will also increase anonymity.




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