How the Litecoin price was changing

  • Timely made SegWit, which allowed us to significantly speed up the system;
  • The openness of developers and their willingness to make contact with others;
  • Currency support by some major companies (Ellenet-supplier of IT products,, Uber, etc.).

Now, let’s speak about LTC price prediction 2020

Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin) believes that the LTC price will surge during 2020. To all the skeptics who argued about Litecoin market capitalization and forecasted the bankruptcy to his company, he answered on his Twitter seven months ago: “It’s not near bankruptcy. Don’t listen to stupid fud and lies. We have enough money to last 2 years.”

Willy Woo (crypto analyst) made his Litecoin price prediction by commenting on the Litecoin Difficulty Ribbon metric. He wrote on his Twitter: “Litecoin Difficulty Ribbon now in recovery. Should setup a bullish breakout of the bearish channel. I wouldn’t be surprised if LTC to leads a bullish breakout of BTC.”



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