How to Seek Financing for Crypto Projects Today
4 min readApr 19, 2024


The beginning of spring marked a promising event in the Crypto World: Bitcoin’s price surged by over 30% and hit a new all-time high. Against this backdrop, investors have become more active. According to open sources, venture capitalists are gearing up to finance new crypto startups and profit from investments in BTC. What do experts think about this, and what strategies should crypto entrepreneurs adhere to when introducing their projects to the market? Let’s discuss this new material.

Crypto Initiatives Supported by Millions

Millions of dollars are ready to be invested by venture capitalists, inspired by the positive situation in the crypto market. For example, the Andreessen Horowitz fund announced a $100 million allocation to the new EigenLayer project. This startup, led by Ethereum developers, promotes restaking and enhances crypto security.

Another venture company, Hack VC, is raising $150 million to support decentralized projects in the Web3 space.

Such attention to crypto startups amid the bullish Bitcoin trend is understandable but raises some concerns among experts. Executive Director of the decentralized identity verification platform, Philip Schumacher, stated:

How to Attract Financing: 5 Tips for Startups

It’s noted that the rise of Bitcoin, its ongoing bullish trend, and its solid position in the market are favorable factors for launching a startup. Investors at this stage are also in a good mood and ready to quickly take part in what interests them here and now.

Let’s focus on what might interest sponsors in the Crypto World today according to SimpleSwap.

#1 Prioritize inclusivity and education

Despite its long path of development and popularization, the cryptocurrency industry is still a confusing and obscure sector for many. Solutions aimed at attracting and educating the wider audience on crypto financing matters are what is needed in the Crypto World today.

#2 Providing real solutions to real problems

Amidst the aftermath of significant industry setbacks, the crypto market seeks stability and substance. Projects that offer clear strategies to tackle genuine issues such as security and scalability are in demand. A checklist for startups should focus on practical questions:

- Does the project address a pressing issue?

- Are the founders deeply committed?

- Do their experiences align with their goals?

#3 Tailor products for specific audiences

Startups must understand their target demographic to avoid being lost in a sea of similar ventures. Winning projects will:

- Identify and meet the needs of their audience

- Offer genuine solutions for real-world problems

- Articulate a clear value proposition

#4 Harness the Power of Networking

Establishing connections prior to seeking investment enhances the effectiveness of fundraising efforts. Personal rapport with potential investors can open doors for startups. Presentations should be concise and engaging, captivating interest within a few slides.

#5 Embrace Transparency to Rebuild Trust

In the wake of recent crypto failures, trust within the community has waned. Startups must demonstrate transparency to reassure investors and users. Thorough scrutiny by venture capitalists ensures credibility.


Navigating the Crypto World demands a blend of prudence, innovation, and strategic thinking. By adhering to the advice provided — from prioritizing inclusivity and transparency to understanding the needs of target audiences — entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in a rapidly evolving market. Similarly, investors must exercise caution, conducting thorough due diligence and seeking projects that offer tangible solutions to real-world problems.

With careful planning, diligent execution, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, participants in the Crypto World can navigate the complexities of financing with confidence, paving the way for continued innovation and advancement.

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