Modern businesses using blockchain


Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance (CAFA)



  • Sweden. In Sweden, in early 2016, the land service announced successful work with blockchain startup ChromaWay, consulting the Kairos Future firm and the telephone service provider Telia. A solution was developed for buyers and sellers, and the results of their work were tested with the participation of third-party banks. Five parties participated in the process: the buyer, the seller, the real estate agent, the Bank and the state cadastral registration service. This cooperation improves operational processes, reduces time spent, the risk of fraud, and document errors.
  • United Arab Emirates.In the UAE, in 2016, the Prince approved a state strategy to transfer state document flow to the blockchain Protocol. The government’s ultimate goal is to launch a blockchain platform in other cities around the world and set a single standard for smart cities.
  • Estonia. In Estonia, in 2016, the state agreed with the Guardtime software company to transfer data of more than 1 million citizens of the country from electronic medical records to a blockchain basis. At the same time, the blockchain is being integrated into E-Estonia (the governmental movement which main purpose is to make the interactions between people of Estonia and the state more convenient with the help of electronic solutions).

British Petroleum & Shell




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