Tron price prediction 2020
4 min readJul 16, 2020

TRON (TRX) is an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency. Tron was founded by the TRON Foundation company, which is registered in Singapore. The TRON project is a platform designed to host various entertainment content. Content authors completely control the process of its placement, promotion, and monetization. TRX coin works as a unit of account in a blockchain application where content creators are able to receive rewards for its distribution. TRON coin is quite popular and has several advantages. Such as a strong team, a clear roadmap, product relevance, and smart targeting. But there are also a number of disadvantages. For example, TRON is often accused of plagiarism, centralization of the system, and some people don’t like the excessive ambitiousness of developers.

Over the past year, the price of the TRON coin did not make drastic changes, but let’s find out what crypto analysts think about the TRX price 2020.

Let’s start from TradingBeasts TRON price prediction (as of 14/07/2020):

Minimum TRX price 2020: $0.0189545
Maximum TRX price 2020: $0.0282072
Average TRX price 2020: $0.02242998

TRON price expected in three months
Minimum TRON price expected: $0.0190640
Maximum TRON price expected: $0.0280353
Average TRON price expected: $0.0224283

Year-end TRON price predictions 2020
Minimum expected: $0.0189545
Maximum expected: $0.0278743
Average expected: $0.0222994

TradingBeasts, 14/07/2020

Here is the TRX coin price prediction 2020 by Walletinvestor (as of 14/07/2020):

Minimum price of TRX 2020: $0.00003135
Maximum price of TRX 2020: $0.02260580
Average price of TRX 2020: $0.0142061

TRON price expected in three months
Minimum TRON price expected: $0.00022716
Maximum TRON price expected:$0.01805298
Average TRON price expected: $0.00394868

Year-end TRX price predictions 2020
Minimum expected: $0.0007432
Maximum expected: $0.00946129
Average expected: $0.0041069

WalletInvestor, 14/07/2020

According to the Digitalcoinprice the TRON price this year will be the next (as of 14/07/2020):

Minimum TRON price 2020: $0.00917729
Maximum TRON price 2020: $0.04341
Average TRON price 2020: $0.033038948

TRON price expected in three months: $0.03153380
Year-end TRX coin price prediction 2020: $0.00917729

DigitalCoinPrice, 14/07/2020

Crypto-Rating predicts that the TRX price will be $0.022467 in six months (as of 14/07/2020).

Crypto-Rating, 14/07/2020

TRON has a very strong community that always supports the project on Twitter, Reddit, and other social networks. Nevertheless, the project is under the high pressure of its opponents. What do famous persons and members of the Crypto World say about the future price of TRON?

Startup investor and advisor, Qiao Wang, tweeted that in his honest opinion the TRX price is too high: “XRP/TRX/LTC price is too high imo”

CEO and Co-founder of Aerojet Middle East, Irina Duisimbekova, compared ETH and TRX on Twitter: “The difference between #eth and #trx is that first one supply 109 million and the second one billions. The price of #Trx will never reach the price of #eth. Stop dreaming clown!!”

Harald Schendera who is the owner of Schendera Internet Services published the TRX price analysis at the beginning of June: “Tron (#TRX) Price Analysis: Signs of A Strong Rally To $0.02: * #Tron price is trading in a positive zone above the $0.0160 resistance zone against the US Dollar. * #TRX price is facing a short term hurdle near the $0.0172 level. * There was a break…”

Zia UL Haque, a trader and a crypto analyst, stated that TRX holding is quite risky but the TRX coin price might rise: “TRX #Tron @justinsuntron Always risky to Hold TRX, this can push price as per chart 174–198. I never like #TRX but this is for people who are interested. DYOR before any investment. If taking entry — Exit at decent profit.”

The TRON platform is a very ambitious and interesting project. And in the current situation, it is in demand. But we must remember that investing in it involves considerable risks. Although long-term investments can bring considerable profit.

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