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VeChain claims to be one of the best platforms for working with information and products. Since the launch of the main blockchain network VeChain Thor in June 2018, the team has managed to strike more partnerships with large companies than any project in the cryptocurrency market. The solutions offered by the platform are aimed at transforming digital businesses in different industries, such as fashion, automotive area, wine, food safety, emission reduction sector, agriculture, and many others. The effectiveness of VeChain technologies has already been evaluated by such global corporations as DNV GL Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), China’s National Research Consulting Center (NRCC), DB Schenker, Kuehne & Nagel, BMW Group and Renault. The market value of the VeChain cryptocurrency has surged 73% recently, hitting a two-year high. Thanks to this, the VET coin returned to the top 20 digital currencies in terms of capitalization. To find out what awaits VET in the second half of 2020, we would like to check VeChain price predictions.

According to TradingBeasts price prediction, the price of the VET coin in 2020 will be the following (as of 05/08/2020):

Minimum VET price for 2020: $0.0167312
Maximum price: $0.0247643
Average price: $0.01974515

VeChain price expected in three months
Minimum: $0.0167628
Maximum: $0.0246512
Average: $0.019721

Year-end VET price predictions 2020
Minimum expected price: $0.0168397
Maximum expected price: $0.0247643
Average expected price: $0.0198114

TradingBeasts, 05/08/2020

Based on the WalletInvestor VeChain forecast, we will see the following VET coin price in 2020 (as of 05/08/2020):

Minimum VET price for 2020: $0.01095
Maximum price: $0.01931
Average price: $0.01529

VET price expected in three months
Minimum: $0.01277
Maximum: $0.01842
Average: $0.01558

Year-end VET coin price predictions 2020
Minimum: $0.01095
Maximum: $0.01663
Average: $0.01380

WalletInvestor, 05/08/2020

Here another forecast from Digitalcoinprice and according to their opinion we can get the following VeChain price prediction (as of 05/08/2020):

Minimum VET price 2020: $0.03595261
Maximum price: $0.04378403
Average price: $0.039474812

VET coin price expected in three months: $0.03614827
Year-end VeChain price prediction 2020: $0.04378403

DigitalCoinPrice, 05/08/2020

And there is one more VET crypto price prediction from Crypto-Rating (as of 05/08/2020):

  • In 10 days, the price of VeChain will be $0.028100, a 51.85% fluctuation.
  • In 20 days, the value of it will change to $0.027958 after the 51.08% rise.
  • In 30 days, VET crypto is going to be priced at $0.030283, marking the 63.65% chance.
Crypto-Rating, 05/08/2020

According to the latest bull run, there are many altcoins rising, including VeChain. Here several VET price predictions from Twitter users.

One of the crypto traders, Crypto Michaël, recently posted the graph with a good VeChain price prediction and commented shortly: “$VET #VECHAIN. Yes, sir!”

The Crypto community is keeping a close eye on the VET price noting the positive aspects.
One of its representatives @Rob_Cash71 tweeted recently: “The gap between $VET & $VTHO is shrinking! #VeChain.” Crypto enthusiast, who has been in the #crypto space since 2017, Jason Content, posted the following VeChain price prediction: “#VeChain chart I still think 0.02 is possible this weekend but 0.04 depends on what #BTC does. I think it may be a stretch. But nice gains from the dip.”

According to the all VET price predictions, which we mentioned, VeChain has good chances to rise at the end of 2020. It is also important to consider external factors of price changes such as new partnerships. Expanding cooperation with Chinese partners can be an important factor for the rapid development of the VeChain platform in 2020.

Please remember that the article does not give instructions on investing your money. All investments are your personal responsibility.

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