XLM price prediction 2020

TradingBeasts, 29/07/2020
WalletInvestor, 29/07/2020
DigitalCoinPrice, 29/07/2020
Longforecast, 29/07/2020
Crypto-Rating, 29/07/2020
CoinPriceForecast, 29/07/2020

A famous crypto investor, Kevin Cage, posted the following price predictions for altcoins on July 15th:
“Short Term Price Predictions (If & Only If They Follow The Data of Others & Survive. Not My Opinion. Not FA. Just Data)
ADA, VET, LINK, KNC have led the way with MANY Others
BNB — $54
ETH — $450
ZIL — $0.07
XLM — $0.20
XRP — $0.60
BAT — $0.65
QNT — $22

Stay Positive.”

@AltcoinSherpa believes that 900 sats is a possible price for XLM in the near future: “$XLM: While the partnership news yesterday helped move price a bit, I’m still thinking that 900 sats could be coming for #XLM. I’m going to finally look to get in #Stellar around that area if the level comes to me. I still view this as a HTF bullish structure on the 1W.”



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