XRP price prediction 2020

TradingBeasts, 30/06/2020
WalletInvestor, 30/06/2020
DigitalCoin, 30/06/2020
Longforecast, 30/06/2020
Crypto-Rating, 30/06/2020
CoinPriceForecast, 30/06/2020

The founder of Gokhshtein Media, David Gokhshtein, expressed his regrets about the price of XRP and tweeted on June 23, 2020: “$XRP shouldn’t be this low. Not with what they have to offer.”

In addition, the cryptocurrency investor and YouTube blogger, Alex Cobb confirmed that he also believes in Ripple: “F*ck loads of XRP was moved around right after this, and price is breaking resistance, community doesn’t seem to like it but idgaf I’m holding indefinitely. This is the future of banking”



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